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I wrote comment fic for meinterrupted's Firefly comment fic-a-thon! The prompt was "letter penpals".

It's here: Selected Personal Correspondence.


I remember that sometimes I used to run fic or fandom-related challenges (I think my favourite was the Random Title Generator challenge, because I loved seeing what people did with really weird titles). It was fun to run challenges! I'm wondering if there's any interest in running one again...although I have no idea if there are a lot of challenges out there these days, and so there isn't a need for another one.

If there is, would multi-fandom be preferred, or would people prefer a Firefly-based challenge? Part of me wants to try a second Random Title Generator fic (or maybe fic and art) challenge, but perhaps its day is done. What do you guys think?

Torchwood/Firefly fic: Dropping By (PG-13)

Title: Dropping By
By: Ana
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jayne’s used to dead bodies, but he ain’t used to them falling out of the sky and then waking up.
Timeline: A little bit before the salvage job in the pilot episode.
Word count: About 3300
Notes: Many thanks to April and Lyr for beta reads and comments on the early draft of this! Thank you also to Lyr for the title suggestion. Disclaimer: not my characters, no profit being made.

Dropping ByCollapse )

Fandom Free-for-All

There are hardly any Firefly-related requests there! :(

I finally thought of some things to ask for (mostly Firefly, but some SGA + SG1 too), and if anyone is interested, my list is here.

Has anyone posted a list that I might have missed? Link me!

Defying Gravity - Is anyone watching it?

I really want to talk about it, but I don't know if many people are watching it (I'm not even sure if it's airing in the US right now, but it probably is).

Only vaguely spoilery impressions of characters/toneCollapse )

Much more spoilery things for up to episode 1.09Collapse )
Title: Ain't Right
Rating: PG-13
Words: About 1000
Notes: Ficlet for redcandle17 for the Fandom Free-For-All . Prompt: Jayne reacting to Crazy Space Incest.

Ain't RightCollapse )


I had a dream that I suddenly found myself in Taipei for a few days (in transit) with a fancy hotel and a free internet connection and posted an LJ entry asking for advice on what to see/do while I was in the city. This is weird to me because I have no plans/reason to fly through Taipei, but now I really want to go. Something about advice about amazing streetfood (at least, in my dreams)...

Anyway, as of tomorrow this journal will be on hiatus for 5-6 weeks. Bye!

(But I won't be in Taipei, no matter what my dreams want me to do).
Title: An End Has a Start
Genre: Gen
Characters: Jayne, Simon, Kaylee, crew
Words: About 4800
Summary: There are things Jayne loves about zombies.
Notes: Post-movie. Prompt originally from lyrstzha - thank you! Many thanks to lunabee34 for beta critique and unovis for excellent editing and encouragement. All remaining errors my own. Title snagged from the Editors song.

An End Has a StartCollapse )